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Super Guide To Customer Acquisition

What Is Customer Acquisition? client capture is arguably the most important thing for a B2B-focused online business. How you acquire new customers will determine your growth rate, which in turn can make or break you in the long term. A well-planned strategic client capture strategy is one that will help you meet your goals. A great 

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Digital devices aren’t built to last for more than five or so years. Wear and tear alone are enough to prevent them from working at their full capacity for years to come – but it’s also true that, as software develops and improves, older laptops struggle to keep up with he pace of change, leaving

COVID-19 Pandemic is Accelerating Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving people, companies, governments, and different firms to the digitization and digital platforms. In a bit to help flatten the coronavirus curve, many employers are allowing their workforce to work from home. In fact, work from home has become the new normal. But even prior to that, reports say that 70% of companies either


Will you mind if I ask you to “JUST IMAGINE”….? One fine morning you wake up, and while scrolling through your social networking sites or an app find your milkman/newspaper guy/or someone else for an instance lives in there. “Hey guys on my way, it’s beautiful weather, heading for my usual task, can you guess whose