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Cloud computing is becoming popular among businesses owing to the multitude of benefits it offers. It is future-enabled, cost-effective, scalable, secure, flexible, faster, customizable and more! In fact, today it is increasingly becoming difficult to imagine businesses without the cloud. However, migrating to a cloud platform is quite a challenging task involving its own share

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2 Cybersecurity Tips for New Businesses

Unfortunately, cybercrime is one of the biggest problems your new business will face upon its inception. In the digital age of today, hackers are lurking around on every online corner, patiently waiting for inexperienced business owners like yourself to let your guard down. If you want to keep your company safe from this modern-day plight,

Learn how GPS tracker works

Welcome and congratulations on taking the initiative to increase your knowledge of GPS navigation.  Our goal is to provide the relevant and practical information necessary to get you there and back, making every adventure a successful one.  This means teaching how to tell time more than how the make a clock.  We are not techno-geeks

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Over a billion subscribers are on the world’s largest video platform. How can you grab a piece of that for your website? Your website’s purpose is to serve the people who come to it for information. Users now prefer to consume most content by video, so it makes sense that you would create content for

    A wave of automation is sweeping the world, affecting everything from the way we do business to the way we run our homes. There will unquestionably be challenges from automation, but there are also plenty of good things that will come from its rise as well. One area that will see many benefits is marketing.

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      If you manage to get 100 people to visit your website through your marketing efforts but only 10 of them actually perform a desired action such as buying something or contacting you for further business opportunities, the conversion rate for your website is 10%. This may or may not be a good figure as the