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Is translation the key to monetizing your WordPress site?

If you’ve ever searched Google and ended up on a website where you didn’t speak the language, it’s likely that you moved on to the next search result. Or perhaps you used Google’s translation tool to try and understand it, but found it didn’t deliver the quality content you were looking for. Now imagine that

Rank Websites Considering the Mobile Version First

It is hard to imagine an Internet user who doesn’t access websites with the help of a smartphone or a tablet. Users surf the web through their mobile devices when they are at home or on the road, therefore, comprehensible mobile version of your resource is a must. Read this article and make sure that

Optimize an Ecommerce Website for Voice Search

5 Easy Ways to Optimize an Ecommerce Website for Voice Search   “Ok, Google, how do I optimise my ecommerce website for voice search?” Sounds familiar, right? You have asked such queries quite many times yourself. Voice search is a popular search method used worldwide now. So, if you are an ecommerce site owner, probably

Visitor Retention

Modern businesses largely depend on their websites. The main reason is that websites are one of the most important factors in your business efficiency. Every type of digital marketing and online promotion serves a purpose of guiding qualified leads back to your website. Your website, on the other hand, serves a purpose of encouraging leads

How to Start a Business in Another Country

Seeing as how starting a business in your home country can sometimes be quite difficult, you can only imagine how daunting going through the same process in a foreign country is. However, that does not mean that opening a business in another country is impossible. You just need to take some factors into consideration. Take

seo and web design

When you start your digital journey you try your best to maximize the benefits out of your presence on the internet. You cannot expect the instant benefits but if you are not able to realize any tangible advantages out of your digital presence past a reasonable period of time, it certainly becomes a matter of

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