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How Successful Journalists Use Social Media
An important aspect of the PR and marketing professions is to understand the behavior and interests of stakeholders and publics that we serve. The recently released Cision 2017 Global Social Journalism Study takes a deep dive into how journalists approach and use social media. As journalists are asked to do more in the digital realm with fewer
In the next few minutes, I have two things I want to help you do: First, I want to give you five practical and immediately actionable hacks for earning more media coverage by working LESS. Second, I want to forever shift the way you view what you do. You might think that the first item
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what all bloggers want
What does every blogger want? It is not a secret that every blogger dreams about getting more traffic, more visitors, more social shares, more activity on a blog. In other words, it is essential for any blogger to pine after for seeing the blog go viral on the Internet. But it is not as simple
By employing these content marketing strategies, you will manage to attract more customers, generate more revenue, personalize your content marketing campaign and, above all, stay competitive.
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Lucy Jones is an experienced IT manager and business consultant with who guides and counsels companies with data back-up and recovery services.
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Attracting Influencers to Your Content
Attracting Influencers to Your Content Content from influencers gains about 11 times more return on investment than more common forms of digital marketing. However, gaining the attention of influencers in your field isn’t always easy. Everyone is clamoring for influencers’ attention and trying to generate buzz about their own sites and products. To attract the attention of
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