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Brand Consistency

In today’s landscape, with the influx of channels and consumer demands it’s much more difficult for companies to maintain consistency across their advertising and messaging. It can be particularly challenging to maintain brand consistency after rebranding, so here are a few tips on how to do that.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools out there for measuring the traffic influx on your site. Even the most basic options that the tool offers provide you the necessary information about the visitors and their interactions with your website. This helps you identify the problems areas of your website and understand and

Startups and Emerging Companies

A happy employee works 12 percent better. This is not just a catchphrase, it’s a scientifically proven fact. However, if this is true, this means that the same goes the other way around. Even if you hire a skilled staff, provide them with enough resources, pay them adequately and equip them with all the necessary

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Precious Hours while Working as a Freelancer

Working as a Freelancer A lot of people, especially those who work in the overcrowded offices, truly believe that nothing can be better than being a freelancer. It`s just a little slice of paradise – you have a great flexibility in working hours and can do your assignments even lying in your warm bed. It

Link Building Isn’t Dead

Link Building Isn’t Dead For any business or individual creating a website, understanding the complexities of SEO is paramount to long-term success. You want to ensure that search engines find your site and reward your hard work and excellent content with a prime listing on page one. Additionally, with social media sites like Facebook changing

How To Ace A Startup Interview

How To Ace A Startup Interview

Every business is a story of its own, and so are their job interviews. What especially makes a difference is an interview that you would go through for a company that has already established itself on the market, compared to the one for a startup. The latter is much less interested in formalities, and actually

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