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Augmented reality has been steadily being developed since the 1980s. It is an incredibly useful technology that is capable of solving our everyday problems. There are many consumer apps that make use of AR are which are based around house décor and furnishing. AR technology can let us navigate complicated spaces without opening maps. It

It is evident that the future of web and mobile application testing requires more use of test automation. Test automation ensures faster delivery of quality applications that augments the organization’s success. Whether you are a part of the QA or development team, enhancement of skills is necessary to facilitate the production of stable software products.


Content marketing can be expounded as a strategic action aimed at creating relevant content to attract and maintain an audience and ultimately make a profit. It involves establishing a relationship with your audience by providing them with quality and relevant content. In comparison to advertising, contentment marketing shows that one cares for the customer. It

virtual assistant services

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant For Your Virtual Assistant Services Most novice businessmen suffer from superhero syndrome. When they consider that they themselves know everything and will cope with their business without any help from outside. In this article, I will tell you how to hire a virtual assistant for your virtual assistant websites,

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5 simple ways to write the content to your blog

Writing for your blog necessitates quality and consistency. Blogging is like driving; you may read many articles telling you how to drive but you will never drive well until you start practicing it. You need to start right away and avoid procrastinating. Blogging too requires you to utilize different tips and tools for developing better