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10 design essentials every eCommerce website has to have to succeed

Is your eCommerce website making an impression? In opening an online store, one of the biggest challenges that you have to face is creating a visually appealing site that provides an excellent user experience. Customers will always want an easy, and informed path to their purchase. Creating an excellent eCommerce user experience design is all

How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees

Even if you just landed the job of your dreams, the first few days will always be stressful. If you even found yourself in that position, you probably know that a welcome email would definitely help you feel a little better about joining the new team and environment and feeling welcome. Welcoming a new employee

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The evolution of big data in the entrepreneurial and finance world has resulted in the rise of another massive trend and that is the demand for ESG. Standing for environmental, social, and governance factors, ESG has become an immensely important aspect of your business strategy. The 2015 research study found a strong correlation between a

reasons why both graphics and content are crucial for your e-commerce website

Good web design is what sets your business apart from the masses in the industry. For starters, their website content plays a very important part in winning customers. You have to deliver your message across to the target market by every possible means. All other components of the website such as graphics, videos and fonts

Hiring Tips for Startup Companies

Hiring Tips for Startup Companies

The concept of startup companies increased in popularity over the years. Its exact definition though is not something that can be narrowed down to a business that is just setting itself up. It can best be categorized using various concepts. One of which is from Neil Blumenthal, the co-founder, and co-CEO of the designer eye-wear

Nowadays, social media has grown to be more business-friendly than ever before. Businesses that wish to improve their online presence and their overall performance on the market as well, will want to leverage social media platforms to their fullest potential. The main reason is that social media provides businesses, both large and small, with numerous