The only skills that you need for effective content writing

your original content could be king

Strong headlines – Its often said, that a positive first impression is everlasting. If efficiently executed, an effective, intriguing headline, will also be, exactly that; your readers initial positive, insight to your content. By including an impactful, prominent  headline, you are sparking an interest and curiosity in your audience. Here’s why:

  • 80 % of people will read your headlines
  • 20% of those people will read your content

The average attention span is a mere 12 seconds. If your headline doesn’t spark interest, or engage your reader within those 12 seconds, then both your efforts in writing the article, and opportunity are a loss.. they wont even get there.

Write in brief – concise- complete thoughts for your rushed reader . Try not to start off by trying to sell an  established money making website for sale, or a ready made website for sale. Start your post off with a little information or an attention grabber. Life in the web exists only at an accelerated pace. Those searching for information in your articles, will undoubtedly, WANT IT NOW..  If your content seems really wordy, without prominent points declaring you have what they are looking for, folks will get tired of reading it and eventually start a google search for an article that has more clearly articulated points. Bottom -line; NOBODY WANTS TO HUNT FOR INFORMATION hidden in your novels! If in any case your article won’t be able to cut 10,000 characters, create sub-sections as a stand-alone page.

RECOGNIZE YOUR READERS AS THE SCAVENGERS THEY ARE– Your readers are , for lack of a better term,the hunters and gatherers of web enlightenment. They posses a desperate appetite for accurate, useful information.. secondary only to food and water! When people come to engage with your site, make their job easy! the process needs to be efficient, attractive, and quick. If navigation is not well structured, engagement will suffer no matter how amazing your content.

Your content should contain topics that will cater to the needs of your demographic.  Study that demographic. explore their needs! Make. It. Simple.  This is not rocket science people! The last thing you want to do is create an impossible maze for your readers. Easy is good!

Incorporate an inverted pyramid – The web is composed of information that can be delivered to you within seconds, that is the goal of every online search engine. Well, apart from profits, of course. The moment your reader lands on your page, their only mission is the information that THEY’RE looking for. This is the trendiest format of journalism to date- discussing the main topic first to build credibility then discussing it further while keeping the readers attention.

Use familiar language –Efficient use of vocabulary and  grammar are always appropriate. Those skills are only useful when curtailed to your demographic. As a linguistic professional (writer), you should be capable of appealing to all varieties of people and education levels. Not everyone is able to use or understand for example, adjectives such as, “exquisite,” or, “baleful”. Instead use basic descriptive language such as, “beautiful,” and “deadly” . Remember, easy is good, and it always will be.

Incorporate photos / videos – Use of  a visual image always encourages users to read more. The more creative and original the better. Colors and images sets the mood and lends a certain energy to your readers. This is one of the best ways to  give visual representation of content to our readers.

Get feedback – Slapping content on your page and pressing submit, should never be where you end your day.. Engaging with your readers is free marketing for your blog or online business. It builds the foundation to a relationship with your consumer.. And, lets face it, everyone likes to feel that their opinion matters! Show them that you care and are interested in them too. Timeliness matters! If you are taking any longer than six to eight hours to respond to a blog post,  you are making a serious mistake.

Link to link content – If you want to promote some of your past articles, feel free to do so. Hyperlinks can be added to your articles. Or,  interjecting references for related topics would also do! Enabling possible promotion of  your own product links or affiliate links is always a plus. Trying to get readers to convert to another one of your web pages can be tricky, time consuming, and sometimes tiresome. This is as normal, as “normal” gets, be persistent!

Do your research – Its simple; the more educated you are , the better you will be able to inform others. Always do your best to get reliable sources and references. Always explore, not only your topic, but all apposing views of it.  Be sure that all details you provide and all sources are current. Never forget to put your references and sources at the end, or inline your article. You won’t want to be accused of plagiarism. What a disgusting word, don’t you think?

SEO handling – Help your readers find you! These things will guide you on making your websites noticeable. The last thing you want to do is expect to be noticed or popular in any way when you are starting out. It will not happen overnight, but in a given time it can happen.


Try to look for:

  • Answers the potential questions of your readers
  • Discuss a key topic per page
  • Link to Link via other websites / landing pages
  • Put phrases and words your potential customers are searching for.




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