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A market niche is a segment of the population in which the business owners focused their attention. Market segmentation is the process itself of identifying a market niche to align the brand with its appropriate target market.

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Latest Web Design Trends 2019

There is a thin line between following the crowd and being creative especially when you are in the web designing industry. As a website designer, your uniqueness lies in being creative but going against the trend is undoubtedly out of question. So the ideal course of action should be to thoughtfully follow the trend deploying

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First impressions do matter. The first time users access to your site; they’re already making split judgments about your web design. Most consumers base their perception of a brand’s credibility based on its design. That’s exactly why choosing a high-quality website designer is worth the investment. Even before they can read your website’s copy, they already

Disruptive mCommerce and Its Testing

mCommerce can be defined as business transactions which are conducted via mobile devices or improving online business for smartphones. mCommerce is an abbreviation for Mobile commerce and it is used for buying and selling commodities through wireless devices like Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and smartphones. It has propagated next-generation e-commerce because it allows user access

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There’s nothing better than free advertising. Do you want to promote your brand by your very own army of patrons? Well, there is one particular way to do just that. It’s a new and emerging marketing strategy called User-Generated Content or UGC.

Kevin Urrutia
5 Steps to Creating Your Marketing Strategy for Millennials

The way you appeal to different groups of people is important. What works for baby boomers, for example, isn’t going to be the same thing that works for millennials. That’s OK, of course, but it’s important to consider and use strategically. So let’s talk about millennials. For starters, they’re a greater proportion of the population