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The timing is just right for starting an online business, as you have unlimited options when it comes to working with global partners, and the surge of financial opportunities is more than enough to support your growth. However, even in this amazing climate, it can be quite a challenge to structure your organization in such

SEO is not an option, it’s a must if you want quality traffic to your site. However, SEO is quite complex and it might scare marketers easily. It’s also quite dynamic and fast-paced. That’s why it’s important for marketers to keep themselves updated and learn the latest SEO trends continually.   Also, since there are

Psychology and the buy button

Psychology influences everything we do. The people we talk to, the careers we select, and even the products we choose to buy. Yet many entrepreneurs fail to recognize how powerful a force it can be.   The fact is, for many people, shopping is an emotional experience. And companies can use those emotions to drive

Is translation the key to monetizing your WordPress site?

If you’ve ever searched Google and ended up on a website where you didn’t speak the language, it’s likely that you moved on to the next search result. Or perhaps you used Google’s translation tool to try and understand it, but found it didn’t deliver the quality content you were looking for. Now imagine that

Rank Websites Considering the Mobile Version First

It is hard to imagine an Internet user who doesn’t access websites with the help of a smartphone or a tablet. Users surf the web through their mobile devices when they are at home or on the road, therefore, comprehensible mobile version of your resource is a must. Read this article and make sure that

Optimize an Ecommerce Website for Voice Search

5 Easy Ways to Optimize an Ecommerce Website for Voice Search   “Ok, Google, how do I optimise my ecommerce website for voice search?” Sounds familiar, right? You have asked such queries quite many times yourself. Voice search is a popular search method used worldwide now. So, if you are an ecommerce site owner, probably