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WordPress Tutorial

This tutorial has been prepared for those with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and an urge for website growth. You may be able to locate yourself at a moderate stage of expertise in creating sites or blogs using WordPress after this tutorial is complete. Before you continue with the WordPress tutorial, we presume you

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covid 19 effects on ecommerce business

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted people’s daily lives tremendously, and eCommerce is not an exception. The government is trying hard to protect lives by announcing lockdowns, testing, and giving timely treatments. Restrictions are also implemented for outdoor movement apart from supplying and procuring essential commodities. While most of the grocery stores are shut due to

Ways to Up Your Serial Side Hustle Game

As millions of people join the freelance workforce every year, the gig economy is a booming industry that many of us are a part of in one way or another. And while some work a full time job with a gig on the side, a big percentage consider side hustles their main source of income,

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How to Access Windows Remote Desktop Over the Internet

In most cases, Windows Remote Desktop Connection (or Windows RDC) is only applicable to computers that are connected through a common network. It is a remote desktop access program that has for the longest time been used to send communications seamlessly across PCs. But thanks to tech growth, it is now possible to use Windows