Here Are 3 Quick Tips For Making Effective Marketing Videos On A Budget

video marketing on a budget

From a marketing perspective, we know that videos sell like nothing else. However, they cost money to produce. This is money that we do not have at the early stages of our businesses. Does this mean that you cannot make effective marketing videos on a budget? Of course not!

Here are three simple tips on how you can make effective marketing videos on a budget:

1. Lose the script

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We often imagine that making an effective marketing video on a budget will involve parading the CEO or a happy customer in front of the camera. We then shove a script at them, which contains the ‘perfect words’, or some fancy testimonial. However, this is not such a great idea. It may appear to convey key messages or the necessary product information, but will come off as inauthentic.

You may provide a structure to give direction and to have them bring out some highlights for marketing effect. Whoever you put in front of the camera, get them always to speak their mind because viewers can pick out an authentic testimonial. You can, later on, cut out undesired parts (the ‘uhms’ and the ‘aahs’) but let them use their own words.




2. Tell a bigger story

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If all you want to do is go on and on about your products and services throughout the video, you will likely lose most of the viewers. Find a compelling story about your products and tell it through the customer’s perspective. You may look for one of your products and show how it fits in with one of your customer’s (real) life. By the time they are watching your video, they will have probably already made their decision about your products.
Viewers will likely not want to go through an entire video of how wonderful your products are and all their features.

Frankly, they might not even care and may want to get all those details when they run into your products on your website. And if you are still wondering whether your business should have a website, check out this article.

Focus on telling a bigger story that will captivate your viewers. Do not worry if your product is not the most prominent thing in the video. From a marketing perspective, a captivating story will have a greater and lasting effect on the viewer or customer.


3. Be brief

Be brief
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The scarcest resource on planet earth is human attention. Always keep your videos short and sweet. The best videos are never longer than two minutes. Everyone is too “busy” running off to some other thing competing for their attention.

Do not compete with any of the popular TED Talks that may have gone viral or have millions of viewers. Aim for a brief video that is between one and one and a half minutes so as to avoid dropping the viewers along the way.

You business might have a shoestring marketing budget, but that does not mean you cannot produce marketing videos. After all, all businesses require all the marketing leverage they can get so as to grow and expand. These three tips will come in handy if you are wondering how you can make effective marketing videos on a budget.




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  • Lester Goodwill

    I don’t know how I’ll go about it but I want to publish my first video soon. By the way, what video editing tools do you recommend? I use both Windows and Mac so the OS won’t be a problem. If possible, I would like some free tools so I can experiment a bit and then buy a video editing software, if I think I can pull off videos. I’ve ordered some short videos from a freelancer and the feedback was great but people wanted to see my face.

  • Chris Kinney

    There are a ton of free video editing software’s out there. Here are a few i have used in the past for small and big projects.
    Lightworks- There is a free version and a pro version of this product and i think it would be my number one choice for starting out. You can check it out here:
    Another great one is VideoPad Video Editor, again, there is a free and pro version like most software and here is a good link to check it out:
    If you want to find all the best editing tools based on reviews and such you can hop over to this link and read all about them.