SEO mistakes you must avoid in 2017

SEO mistakes you want to avoid in 2017

Each year, search engine optimization (SEO) becomes even more complicated than it was before. Any company that fails to focus on the latest changes and SEO algorithm overhauls, therefore, will soon find themselves outdone by their competitors in the search engine optimization game.

To ensure that this will not happen to you, consider the following SEO mistakes you must avoid in 2017:

1. Keyword Stuffing
Although the top search engines penalize any website that stuffs keywords in its content, many online business people and SEO professionals, continue relying on this rather out-of-date practice.
You should keep in mind that Google has really evolved over the past couple of years. Now, it can go through your website and find out whether you have stuffed keywords on it.

Are you actually providing genuine value to your web visitors?

Therefore, it is a heinous error to choose a couple of keywords and repeat them all over your website in the hope that Google will raise your search rank.

What is the solution: The solution to this mistake is simple. All you have to do is build a concrete and comprehensive list of the keyword phrases and keywords that your searchers are most likely to use. When you add these words and phrases to your content in relevant ways and as naturally as you can, ensure you do not overdo it, otherwise Google will penalize you.

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2. Posting Unfocused/Unrelated Content
Another one of the SEO mistakes you must avoid in 2017 is failing to focus on one niche. This failure will lead to another failure: where you will end up posting content that is unrelated and unfocused.

For instance, in the niche where your business is operating. Therefore, you might decide to target a more comprehensive list of keywords – some of which are not even related to the content on your website or the products/services you provide.

This is a mistake from both: the SEO point of view and the user point of view.

SOLUTION: To solve this mistake, keep in mind that your website will only be ranked highly if you stay focused on a very particular topic or group of related topics. This is also the only way to go if you are looking to be taken as an authority website on your niche by Google.
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3. Ignoring Website Speed
Very few people consider the speed at which their web pages load. Website speed optimization, to this end, is something you need to pay extra attention to. Before investing all your energies and efforts on Meta information, keyword density, and keywords – like other companies are doing – first ensure that the speed at which your website loads is fast enough. You can check your speed and website stats over at GTMetrix. They are amazing in every ways (and free).

In simpler terms, if you can ensure that your website takes 1 second to load while your nearest competitor’s site takes 4 seconds, Google will rank you higher. This is, of course, assuming that every other SEO factor is the same for these two websites.


There are a number of other SEO mistakes you must avoid in 2017 that you can find on Edusson Help Guides blog. Start by working on the mistakes listed above first, before finding out about any other mistake you might be making. With time, you’ll start noticing a steady but definite increase in your website rank.

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