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How to make your blog more attractive


If you’re running a blog that you want people to read, you’ll have to do certain things to make it more attractive to visitors with some catchy headlines and more. There are some simple things you can do to make it more attractive so your readers will enjoy it more.

First, think about changing the look of the blog (unless it’s already amazing of course). There are tens of thousands of items that can be used when the popular blogging software is used to change the appearance of your blog. Many of them are free and are easy to install. Get a different look and see how your readers like it. Be sure to choose colors that are pleasing to the eye so that it is not too difficult to read the text on the page. Yes! I’m talking about all the WordPress users out there.

Consider buying some real graphics to your blog. This can create a certain look on your blog, a unique look that can only be seen when people come to your site. Make sure to have plenty of smaller and larger versions of graphics and perhaps even an icon of the brand image of your blog. You don’t want your blog to look like everyone else’s do you? I mean..why would you!


Use social media. While you may not want to use networks like Twitter or Facebook (these are part of the brains people), personally, you can add your blog to these services. There are many who are already using it (like…everyone who has a website), which will add the posts they like and add them to their accounts give them the ability to keep their information through these services that gives a potentially larger audience.
Make sure your social media buttons are in plain site and not hidden. This will give you a place for your readers to interact with you by giving you other information, post ideas and feedback.

Advert Placement: One of the biggest problems that are faced by bloggers of large weblogs is placing ads. Yes, we all know you want to make money from your blog. However, the ads should be part of your blog and not an outdoor coverage. pop-up ads, floating on the ads, flashing banners are killing your content  and making readers run for the hills. Instead, put your ads in a way that blend with the blog project and the reader, certainly, will not feel annoyed and accept them as part of the site. You will never make everyone happy with the way your blog looks, but you should try anyway.

The background color and font color have to work together too. A white background should not be used with a yellow source, for example. No source matching and unique background color frustrate readers, leave them with a headache, and ensure that they have no interest in reading your blog again. You don’t want to have to give away free aspirin to your readers before they go to your blog do you?

Content is another concern. If you choose to update your blog very rarely, for example, only once a month, readers will lose interest in your blog. In order to ensure that your readers are interested in information on your blog, you need to update it at least three times a week and with relevant content. This will also tell  search engines that you have an active website and they will start boosting that rank a little at a time. 
Headers: When you have a lot of text on your blog, it is very easy for readers to get overwhelmed and give up. One way to combat this is to use the headers. Using headers or titles of the different sections is a great way to break up complex blogs. Make it easy for your readers  to get the information they need. The headers may take many forms. New pages, blogs and sidebars can use all the headers to identify the lead content and readers through the article.
Use good free theme or premium theme: To make your blog appealing, it must be attractive through the use of good and attractive content. Test your site out on a free theme, then purchase a premium theme (my recommendation). The look of your site will determine if your reader will stay to read your content or not.

You should focus on the niche topic you blog about:. A blog about homeschooling, for example, must adhere closely to homeschooling and closely related topics. A visitor to a blog homeschooling to find information on some celebrity gossip undoubtedly lose interest in reading this blog again because they found content they are not interested in. Good luck trying to keep a reader on your page if your talking about dogs when the article is about cats.

For you to have a successful blog that will rake in money for you in the long run try using a couple of these tips above and start researching high end bloggers.

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