10 Success-proof basis of an Amazon affiliate

amazon affiliates can be quite amazing

10 Success-proof basis of an Amazon affiliate

1. A trusted brand – Amazon, one of the world’s biggest marketplaces that was founded in 1994. They launched the amazon affiliate program in 1996. This changed things for millions of businesses and websites all around the world. Personal as well as business websites too. Making it one of the first online affiliate marketing programs, it has become  an institution for buyers as well as sellers. You would probably be hard pressed to find an individual who hasn’t at least hear of Amazon.com.  Amazon is so popular that people spend more time buying here than any other website on earth. Amazon.com is the most successful affiliate website in the world to date.

2. People love spending – surveys say that in one of four shoppers buy more than one item per session, or visit to any website they make purchases from. As you become an amazon affiliate, you can earn commission not only by directing people to buy at amazon but everything they also buy in a 24 hours of time. You can purchase everything from an established ready made website to a simple jewelry box.

3. Easy set up – Marketing, building and integrating in Amazon is easy as 1, 2, 3. These days, you can install a simple Word Press plugin,that is if you are running a Word Press website. Third party tools and website builders also have amazon affiliate integration’s built to them. You might want to also put amazon links in all your social media accounts. The options are actually endless what you can do with this. They offer product links, banners,native shopping ads, mobile popover and the a-store. Here is an example of an a-store below.

amazon astore

4. Choice of payment – There are plenty of ways to get paid, you can choose between an Amazon gift cards, check in the post mail or a direct deposit in your bank account/PayPal. They make it very easy for anyone, anywhere.

5. Commissions- Your commission can jump up to 6% in just one month by only selling 4 items! Amazons scale of commissions starts from 4% and can go as high as 15%. It’s called the volume formula, so the more items that you sell per month, the higher your commission would be. Example: one lady who runs and amazon affiliate website that reviews expensive sewing machines earns  250$ to $2,000 per month. KA-CHING!

6. Small things increments – The price of the amount of what you sell won’t affect your commission, as long as someone buys from you. Your commission increase.

7. Holidays are huge money makers- We all know holidays are always for gift giving. Not only that, but also amazing sales. This is the time where people spend lots of money in shipping, giving all the affiliates  a massive jump in sales! There are reports of companies making more on black Friday than the past 6 months of sales. This is crazy!

8. Wide Variety of products – this is one of the reasons why amazon is one of the best online markets in the world. You can find anything on the website! It’s also one of the reasons why amazon affiliate product are profitable, once you find your niche, then you’re good to go! There are so many things that you can sell online, the possibilities are endless, You just have to find that one product, that perfect item you just know is sell-able, unique and in high demand. Don’t make the mistake of throwing a ton of items in your store that your in love with. You need to do the research, what is everyone buying? What do your potential customers want, what do they need and can’t live without? Amazon sells over 200 million products in the USA. The website is categorized into 35 departments. There are close to 5 million clothing items, 20 million sports and outdoors products and around 4 million office products. This is information from december 15 2013, i believe this is the last reported press release.

9. It’s Progressive- As  technology progresses so does amazon. In 2015, amazon launched amazon prime instant video. With 40,000 titles to choose from, it has been the ultimate competitor of Netflix. Amazon’s prime instant video primary features is that it also offers offline viewing to its customers. It also owns Amazon original movies that are exclusive to their subscribers.

10. 24/7 support- Amazon has been renowned for being reliable to its customers and their associates. Problems are solved at ease and quick. Fast response, within 5 minutes after requesting a call.

The Amazon associates (affiliate) program has made many people very happy (very wealthy) so don’t get discouraged. Take small steps and soon you’ll be leaping over mountains without knowing it.


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  • Natalie

    I have just recently signed up to be an Amazon affiliate, and though I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks, I’ve heard many people have done very, very well with this. And after reading this post, I’m happy I signed up. And I have had quite a few sales when I’ve shared the links on my social media platforms…..very happy with the results so far.