Top 10 Best Ways to Have Fun Blogging

Rule #1 to 1,000,000.. Have Fun Blogging

– Use These 10 Methods to Make Blogging Fun-

-These are real ways to have fun blogging


Starting a blog is always fun and exciting.  The beginner blogger has a bright idea and is ready to run with it.  The experience is similar to bringing home your first puppy.

The puppy is cute and you love it, but there’s a ton of responsibility involved.  Then comes all the unknowns.  After reality sets in, a lot of blogs fail, but don’t worry!  There are certain methods every blogger should use to make blogging fun for the long run.  The following bright ideas are great ways to make blogging fun.  After all, blogging is suppose to be fun!

  1. Before you write anything, make sure you have a purpose or niche.

Ways to Have Fun Blogging

Readers are looking for quality information in certain niches all over the internet.  If the focus of your blog is too broad and doesn’t have an exact purpose, the blog will never gain steam.  Pick a niche that will keep your interest for the long run and allow you to provide a steady flow of content for your readers. Pick a niche where you will be able to have Fun Blogging and something you are genuinely interested in.

2. Invest in fun new toys for your blog.

Invest in fun new toys for your blog

The appearance of your blog and features on your blog are of the utmost importance.  If your blog looks like something out of the ‘90s, readers will quickly lose interest.  Stay up to date with a quality WordPress theme and implement interesting plugins to give your blog more personality.  Also, if you spend money on your blog, you’re less likely to ignore it! If your spending money on your blog and you haven’t found a way to have fun doing it what are you doing if for? Find your ways to have fun blogging!

  1. Make some new friends in your niche.

keep calm and make friend in your niche

Once your blog gains some steam, start reaching out to other bloggers in your niche.  You’ll find out, blogging isn’t a big competition, there are fellow bloggers who want to see you succeed.  Write them a nice email or leave constructive comments on their blogs.  You’ll feel great when you make some new friends in your niche.

  1. Create a Posting Schedule

keep a posting schedule

If your posting schedule is erratic, you’re blog will never have any continuity.  You want your readers to count on a blog post at a certain time each week.  Your most loyal readers are always eager to check out your newest post.

  1. Keep it Simple

keep it simple

A perfectionist will always have trouble blogging.  Don’t edit your posts a million times before you hit the publish button.  A post is never perfect.  It’s important to get more and more content on your blog.  This way, you have more of a chance to get in the search results or strike gold with a highly shared post.

  1. Switch up the Scenery

switch up the scenery

Blogging in the same bedroom or inside your house all day can get boring and monotonous after awhile.  Take a trip to a local coffee shop or park to gain some new inspiration.  The beauty of blogging is you can do it anywhere there’s an internet connection.  Take advantage of it! Take advantage of the other million ways to have fun blogging.

  1. Quench the thirst of your readers from time to time.

quench the thirst of your readers

SEO matters the most, there’s no doubt about it, but your readers keep your blog alive.  Can you imagine a professional sports team with no fans?  A team with no fans can’t possibly thrive.  If your readers have been begging you to write about a certain topic, then do it!  If you think of a post idea your readers will love, make it your priority!

  1. Get your readers more involved!

Get your readers more involved!

Start your own forum or allow your readers to submit content to your site.  The best part is adding content to your site without doing any work yourself.  Also, your readers will love the ability to add to a site they already love. Remember that traffic is what keeps a blogger alive, and you will not always get it when you need it. A great way to get out of this ( no having traffic that you deserve) is to use a high quality targeted traffic service. I can only recommend one because honestly there are not many out there that are real. is amazing and they really do help targeted visitors reach your site.

  1. Push the limits of your comfort zone.

Push the limits of your comfort zone

It’s your blog, you can do what you want with it.  Sometimes, the best content is the content that makes you feel uneasy.  If you have a controversial topic you want to write about, don’t fear what other people will think.

  1. Connect a YouTube channel to your blog.

make a YouTube channel

Vlogging is the new way to blog.  People want to see who the person is behind the blog and soak up knowledge without having to read.  If you incorporate some videos into your blog, you will gain new followers.  Videos are easy to make too!

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Do you have any real ways to have fun blogging?

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  • Diane

    Creating a posting schedule is a smart decision because if you don’t have a plan you might not do as much as you would like. I feel like I’m drowning when I haven’t got a plan. I always try to play my months, weeks and days in advance so I know precisely what needs to be done at a certain time. I also try to push my limits daily because otherwise I fall into complacency and I hate that. I try to face my fears because that’s where the gold is ;).

  • Natalie

    Switching up the scenery is also a must because sometimes you just feel drained and without inspiration. I feel like this every month or so and I need a 1-2 day break from it all. I just do nothing and try to have fun, laugh and not think about working. Then I’m good as new.

  • Chris Kinney

    Switching up scenery is crazy important when you are writing a blog. I will sometimes throw a laptop in my car and head down to the park. The funny thing is i usually dont get anything done there. Haha! The point is get out of the house for a while and look at something other than that computer screen. It will do you wonders.