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The holiday season might not be upon us yet, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t kick-start your marketing strategy well in advance in order to attract the cheerful customers to your doorstep. Before you know it, people will be looking for holiday discounts, bundles, gifts, and special deals all over the internet, and you want to be there to welcome them with open arms and an offering they won’t be able to refuse.

Fortunately, building a sound holiday marketing strategy needn’t be a cumbersome or financially-taxing chore, as there are plenty of effective and time-tested ideas you can implement today for maximum engagement in the online and offline worlds. With that in mind, here are the top five tips that should become part of your holiday marketing strategy.

Weave the holiday spirit into your content strategy

Discounts and holiday bundles are great and all, but true value and customer loyalty stem from compelling storytelling – people want and need to feel as if they are a part of your brand. A discount here and there might bring you several one-time customers, but creating content that has a soul and an inspiring story to tell will be the thing that will bring you recurring, lifelong brand followers.

You can capitalize on this need to find an authentic brand that stands out from the rest of the herd by integrating storytelling into your campaigns and offering real emotional value that resonates in the hearts and minds of your demographic. So, get into the holiday spirit and start crafting compelling content that will put your brand on the proverbial map.

Budget your advertising plan accordingly

Nobody ever said that effectuating a marketing strategy is easy or affordable. In fact, many retailers boast about their increased conversion rates at the end of the holiday season, yet their profit margins remain the same. This is because marketers tend to invest too much money in their marketing plans without realizing how it will affect the long-term cash flow of the company.

To prevent this, you want to create a detailed financial forecast for the holiday season. This forecast should tell you how much you can spend on ads and what the realistic ROI actually looks like. By making a forecast, you can structure a sound financial plan and allocate resources accordingly.

Let your brand stand out from the rest

One of the most important elements of a successful marketing campaign, regardless of the season, is branding. Simply put, your marketing efforts serve to portray your brand in the best possible light through compelling visuals, not just push products towards the apprehensive consumer. Moreover, you need to couple your branding efforts with a reward program for your customers in order to show them just how much they matter to you.

To that end, consider giving out branded Christmas gift cards to your loyal customers and even first-time visitors in order to incentivize them to come back to your store, and just make them feel appreciated this holiday season. A gift card is an excellent way to give them the freedom to spend the money however they wish while seamlessly weaving your brand into their daily lives.

Prepare your social media strategy

Social media is the place where you’re most likely to reach the bulk of your demographic, and during the holiday season, the networks are bound to explode with engagement and activity across the globe. This begs the need to prepare your social media strategy well in advance and schedule posts, ads, and live events for maximum engagement and buzz in the online world. However, this is not something you can do on the fly, and you will need to start producing these materials in the months leading up to the holiday craze – which is now.

Create all marketing materials well in advance

Many businesses make the inadvertent mistake of leaving content production for the weeks or days leading up to the holiday sales, a mistake that could end up costing them their Christmas bonuses. Rather than dishing out half-baked ads and publishing poorly-optimized content, you want to create all online and offline marketing materials as soon as possible, so that you have plenty of time to rework your strategy if need be. Focus on creating engaging blog posts, videos, images and infographics, as well as organizing live events that will attract the online and offline audience to your doorstep.


The holiday season is a time for businesses to make a sizable income and enter the New Year with a positive revenue stream. However, in such a competitive environment, you need to plan your marketing strategy carefully in order to produce the desired results. Let these five tips differentiate your offering from the rest on the market and make this holiday season your most profitable season to date.

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According to Mediakix, in 2018, brands have already spent around $ 1.6 billion on Instagram influencer marketing alone. But is it worth it? How big of a budget do you need? What kind of ROI should you expect?

Let’s dig deeper to find out.

First, let’s discuss what kind of return you can expect.

First, the Revenue

Celebrity Intelligence found out that for every £1 ($1.26) spent on beauty influencers, brands and marketers are getting an ROI of £8.81 ($11.38). The ROI generated by influencer marketing is 11x times higher than that of banner ads.

It Gets You Brand Awareness

For Iceland Food, a frozen food retailer, influencer-created videos have reportedly got a 55% retention rate on Facebook and 59% on YouTube.

You Can Repurpose Influencer Content

Most influencer marketing contracts will get you the rights to reuse the influencer-generated content. Many brands are already repurposing it into social media posts, ads etc.

Now let’s see what you need to invest to get these lucrative returns.

Influencer Payments by Cash

Depending on the category and their reach, influencers, especially celebrities, will expect a monetary sum for promoting your product or services.

Influencer Payments by Kind

Some influencers will accept products or event tickets to promote your brand. You can also give them a budget and allow them to opt for products of their choice up to that amount.

Commission (Affiliate Model)

In case you have opted for an affiliate model, you will pay a commission amount per sale. This will require a special tracking link to keep track of who is selling what.

Agency or the Software Costs

For a successful influencer marketing project, it helps to have a dedicated team or a tool to manage it.

Now that you understand the ROI influencer marketing can get you, all you need is a system to run your campaigns successfully. For more information, check out the graphic below.

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niche.jpgOne of the biggest advantages as a developer of affiliate niche websites is you get to learn what niches are hot and which are not. Although, the company I work for, ABC Design Studio, is not the only company that develops affiliate niche websites, they have been at it a long time. I have witnessed twelve years worth of changes in Internet technology including business trends that have come and gone, the rise and fall of the .com bubble, Google algorithm changes, mobile compatibility browser changes, changes with affiliate program regulations and the list goes on. In spite of how fast technology continues to change, one thing always remains the same: People will buy from you when they like your niche.

How do you get other people to like your niche?

The short answer is you can’t force people to like your niche. No matter how much you promote something and how creative you are with your website’s images and content, your visitors are people too, and just like all people, they have free when it comes to choosing what they will purchase and when.

So, rather than try to fit a square peg into a round hole, try this instead… 

Get a niche website that reflects today’s market trends. In other words, it’s a lot easier to direct people to your website and turn visitors into buyers when your website already has products and services that reflect today’s current trends. You can rely on the largest online retailers to tell you what those trends are by checking out Amazon’s best seller feeds here:

eBay is another great resource for keeping up with the hottest trends.

Once you find products within your desired categories that are hot sellers, why not create your own niche website to stream those products to? Did you know that Amazon and eBay offer affiliate programs that will stream those hottest selling products directly to your niche website? The key is to make your niche stand out by providing services, resources and information that Amazon and eBay cannot provide.

For example, if you see that a particular weight loss supplement is really hot right now within the Health and Beauty niche, you can get a Health and Beauty niche website that reviews that particular product along with other health-related best sellers while providing links to your affiliate partners’ website to fully capitalize on these trends. You can even contact those who have tried, tested, and reviewed those products on Amazon or eBay and ask them to leave a review on your website too. You can also write reviews yourself on any products you’ve tried. Word of mouth reviewing your website’s products offers a very powerful method to help your niche go viral.

Which Niche Websites Are The Most Popular Today?

Aside from finding the most profitable products within a particular niche, I would like to add that the niches that have been performing the best lately are fitness and weight loss blog sites, crypto-currency or money management sites, comparison travel package websites, and video game review sites. If you have a niche that you know is popular already, then the only thing you need to do is offer something additional that is unique to your niche site that your visitor won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably sick of hearing about “search engine optimization.” At this point, it might even be your trigger word. You know that you need to rank in order for people to find you. You know that you need keywords and content and custom metadata. But search engine optimization is a complicated thing unless you are an SEO expert, and if you’re here, that probably means that you’ve been banging your head against the same wall for a while now. You might not be seeing results yet, and thinking this whole thing must be some kind of elaborate hoax. If all of this sounds like you, take a deep breath and keep reading. Today we’re going to teach you how to eliminate your SEO headache once and for all.

Acceptable Google Maps

Improving your local SEO is a very complicated affair that, up till now, not many individuals have been able to comprehend how to handle. For this, you will need to incorporate acceptable Google maps into your system. This means that you have to integrate some company-specific information that can help individuals to find your location physically. Some of the details that you will need to display in your website predominantly include a phone number, company name, and company address.

Use an SEO Agency

You need the services of a mechanic if your car engine needs replacement or repair. You don’t do it yourself. The same applies when you want to decrease challenges in optimizing your website. There are search engine optimization agencies that will offer quality services to your company and help you rank your page within a short period of time. However, people have challenges when trying to hire the services of an SEO agency as there are many options out there which makes it difficult to know which company is right for them. An excellent and experienced SEO company must be in a position to tell you what it will do for your page to rank it and why.

Evaluate Your Online Reviews

Some websites keep on ranking higher while your site continues to drop and you cannot explain why. Maybe you should consider your reviews. It could be that you have very few online reviews which means that hardly anyone is aware of your existence. That makes it hard for your page to rank higher. Sometimes it is a complicated procedure and process trying to figure out how your online reviews have an impact on your SEO ranking but it is evident that the more people read your reviews, the more inclined they are to visit your website. A review management software can help if you’re having a hard time with reviews. It can help you determine the number of reviews your website or products gets each day.

Use Content Marketing

This is a straightforward strategy that can be used in relieve some of the SEO headaches you have been experiencing. For you to get traffic flowing to your website, you need to solve this problem through content. You will need to write dozens of articles that are focused around the issues addressed by your services or products. By doing this, people will trust you, and which will lead them to explore more of your website. This means google mechanics will see that your page is getting more traffic which shows that you are a reliable source for information. This makes your website rank higher in searches where even more people can see and read about you.

Increase Your Page Speed

Important factors used to enhance your search engine ranking, such as bounce rates, site engagement, and time on site are closely tied to the speed of your website. Not many potential customers are willing to spend their precious time trying to reload your page if it is slower than a competitor’s website. To attract and keep traffic on your site, which will, in turn, enhance your page ranking, you will need to fix speed issues that may occur.

Marketing your products online is all about your page ranking. The higher you are, the more traffic and the higher the rates of stock turnover. Your page ranking determines how your business performs as compared to other companies in the same industry. Use these strategies to get rid of SEO headaches and if you need some professional help, check out our services!

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