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Big Data Analytics 2

If 2018 was the year of reckoning for AI and machine learning platforms making it straight into the CIO’s business stack, 2019 is slated to be even more dramatic with 82% of global businesses readying their talent hiring strategies for AI and Machine Learning experts. It may seem that adding AI in your biodata by joining a AI and Machine Learning course is just a hype. But here is the stat that would beat the hype—

90% of the Big Data companies in 2019 would need 6000+ trained data science experts and Big Data storytellers with serious focus on AI adoption and value creation for businesses considering investments into the Internet of Things, Data Visualization, Contact Centers, Intelligent Assistants and Natural Language Processing.

If you are looking to build a career advantage with AI and Machine Learning, here’s what you should know about—

Era of Robotics and Self-Driving Autonomous Vehicles

Robotic automaton has moved beyond the four walls of manufacturing sector. Today, AI-driven cars and drones are grabbing eyeballs with their spark and ability to simplify human tasks. In the US, 75% of adult human population said that they would prefer to drive in an autonomous vehicle compared to one driven by a real human.

Simply put, top car manufacturing companies are partnering with AI and machine learning course providers to build strong error-free algorithms for their autonomous car projects.

Top players in the field-

  • Waymo
  • GM
  • Renault
  • Aptiv
  • Toyota
  • BMW

If you are an engineer and love to work with industrial tools and vehicles, getting a certificate in AI and Machine learning course for Automobile Automation would be a valuable addition.

Cyber-security Agents

The next generation of cybersecurity would be truly distinguished from its predecessors by virtue of the level of AI and machine learning tactics embraced by IT security professionals.

As the cost of security breaches continues to break thresholds year after year, businesses have finally identified the value of including security tools to fortify their organizations. While most traditional security tools focus on identifying malware attacks only when they have entered or interacted with the firewall systems, AI and Machine learning-based tools have a predictive and prescriptive intelligence to mitigate risks.

The capabilities of cyber-security tools are best leveraged with their AI-driven Predictive analytics, directly improving chances of security recovery against malicious attacks.

Strengthen Content Discovery Workflows to fight Fake News

If you are online, you would already know the veracity of real-time data and news content going viral in less than an hour. Irrespective of the source of content, AI algorithms built by certified programmers in machine learning for content discovery help filter out fake content out of the online search engines. Companies like Google, Yahoo! And Baidu are heavily invested into building powerful Image and Text Discovery tools to improve sponsored and User-generated content, and prevent fake new phenomenon.

These efforts are driven by a team of experienced professionals certified by AI and machine learning course institutions.

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Nowadays, mobile apps are getting so much trending and popularity, almost every business planning to create an app for their business. Be it any mobile app development project, dividing the work into phases makes the process less complicated and easier. Moreover, the work can be planned in specific time frames and thereby avoid unnecessary delays in the completion of the project.

The key phases that are involved in any mobile app development project are listed below.

  1. Idea Generation & Validation
  2. Designing the App
  3. Developing the App
  4. Testing the App
  5. Launching the App
  6. Marketing & Maintaining the App


mobile app development process

          Infographics source – Mobisoft Infotech

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web design project

Looks like Andrian Valeanu has written a super informative post and great info-graphic about how to start a web design project. We wanted to share this on our website because we appreciate the amount of time it takes to make a graphic like this one come alive.

There’s a first time for everything — and it’s finally time for your very first web design project! While landing your first gig is a huge accomplishment in itself, keeping your first client happy requires a whole different set of skills. You’re not just a designer— you’re a project manager, and offering a great customer service experience is essential for winning over your clients’ repeat business, so you’ll need to be on target from day one.

But where should you begin? You may not have learned so much project management in school, so we’d like to offer up a few tips. The infographic below outlines every stage of the web design process from start to finish. The first step of a web design project is learning what your client wants: her overall objectives, the purpose of the website, her audience, the features she requires. Remember, this is her project, not yours. You’re here to bring her vision to life — and hopefully, to offer some creative insights that will make the website even better than she imagined.

web design project

You’ll need to know your client’s goals up front, because that’s how you’ll determine budget. Next, outline budget and timeline in a written agreement. This agreement holds your client to her side of the contract, but holds you accountable, too.

So you’ve set expectations up front — great! Now you need to do a little research. Part of your job is determining the best possible user experience for the site, and that usually means creating user personas to determine how to meet the needs of target users. Every great website serves a purpose and facilitates that purpose to the greatest degree possible, so that’s what you’ll want to deliver! At least, we thinkyou do.

The wireframe that results from all this research and planning helps to make your plans clear to your client. Managing your client’s wireframe feedback can be challenging, but here’s a rule of thumb: if she makes a suggestion that you think will hurt the aesthetic or functionality of the site, push back in a polite and professional manner — after all, the client isn’t just paying for your skills, she’s paying for your training and expertise. But in the end, this is her website, not yours. Balance your professional opinions with the demands of your client and you’ll make it through this stage unscathed.

Now it’s time for the coding — your favorite part! But once all the coding is done, don’t forget to run diagnostics and check for browser compatibility. Turning in an untested site is one sure way to look unprofessional in your client’s eyes.

When you were in school, you probably thought the coding would be the hardest part of your future profession, but managing a project can be just as challenging. Luckily, keeping your clients happy can also be the greatest reward of a site well-built.

Web Design Project Guide

 Web Design Project


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AliDropship Review of plugin

AliDropship Review: Products Overview

AliDropship plugin gets chosen by thousands of people all over the globe. Both newcomers and experienced businessmen buy the plugin because they want to dropship products and manage their stores in a quick, easy and efficient way. AliDropship plugin lets a store owner have full control over the business, and means the absolute freedom in terms of the store management.

Shortly, this plugin is linked to your WordPress store and helps you pick products directly from AliExpress. As the result, the products along with their title, description, photos and reviews are automatically imported on your website.

There are two ways to use AliDropship solutions. One way is to order a custom store. In this case, a dedicated expert team creates a unique webstore according to your requirements and preferences. This way, you become a 100% owner of an independent dropshipping website on the AliDropship platform.

The second option is to use AliDropship plugin and assemble a similar store yourself. This plugin is easily compatible with WordPress platform, so, if you already have any WordPress website (even a simple blog), you can turn it into a fully functional eCommerce store.

AliDropship Review: The Best Features


So, the most outstanding part about AliDropship plugin is its opportunity to transform your WordPress site in a single click into ecommerce store. The plugin can turn any WordPress website into a fully functional drop shipping store with all the vital elements: product pages, shopping cart, payment gateways, etc


Here are some of its unique features.

Full Automation

The AliDropship plugin is fully loaded with automated solutions.

  • Search & Import
  • Auto Updating
  • Pricing Automation
  • Fulfil Orders Automatically
  • ePacket Shipping Filter
  • Auto Order Tracking


They help you search for products and import them to your site, achieve pricing automation by allowing you to set up your own margin when price fluctuates and initiate orders automatically by sending out order tracking.

Site Customization

AliDropship incorporates several built-in themes and tools, which allow an easy site customization.

  • Built-in Themes
  • Product Customization
  • Unlimited Number of Products
  • Product Variations
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Built-In Image Editor


It lets you edit single product pages as well as category pages and bring unique content on them. In addition, you will enjoy the built-in Image Editor that lets you improve the on-site pictures with no need to install and use any external programs like Photoshop.


Promoting your store in search engines and social networks is a cornerstone of any marketing strategy.

  • Discount Coupons
  • Product Reviews
  • SEO Product Tags
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Email Lists


The plugin helps you to run sales and promotions by offering your visitors custom coupon codes; engage your customers and encourage sales with the option to import reviews onto your site directly from AliExpress; optimize your product pages for search engines with product specific meta tags, titles, descriptions and keywords and etc. Smart email notifications can become a powerful marketing tool for increasing your conversion rate and bring you new and repeat buyers!


AliDropship helps you create an online store that automatically performs some of the most important drop shipping tasks and make the right choices for your business as you monitor & control your sales, orders, traffic and all important webstore activities.


AliDropship helps you create an online store

  • Live Statistics
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • All-in-One Dashboard
  • Cash-Back System
  • Free Updates & Support


The plugin supports all the most popular payment processors like PayPal, 2CO, Stripe, PayU and many more. Also, this plugin allows you to closely manage your entire inventory. You can track your stock counts and stop selling products when any inventory runs out.

Additional options


Hosting is an absolutely necessary element of any online store functioning. Without a hosting, you can’t make your store information visible to Internet users. It is quite reasonable and convenient to host with AliDropship.

necessary element of any online store


Payment starts from $48 per year and includes a free SSL certificate: this is an in-store element that proves it to customers that it is safe to make payments on this website.



Marketing add-ons are your best helpers to provide stable organic traffic from social networks, stimulate impulse buying, simplify email marketing and solve a pile of other tasks.


If you require special functionality, the add-on library is all you need as it comes with several items like Recent Sales Pop-Up, Countdown Timer and Facebook Business add-on.

While some of the add-ons require a one-time fee, others are free of charge!

AliDropship Review: The Pricing


AliDropship’s WordPress plugin only costs $89, and this one-time payment covers amazing features like updates, life-long support, automation, unlimited products and the core features mentioned above.

In case you want to order a custom dropshipping store, there are three packages to choose from. The basic one costs $299 and, above all else, includes 50 pre-imported products selected and edited by the team. There are no limitations on the amount of products you import yourself afterwards.

Other custom plans cost $499 and $899. These upgrades come with unique benefits including promo videos for your products and social media promotional tools.

AliDropship’s WordPress plugin

All the packages require a one-time payment: there will be no recurring fees, and, throughout the use of AliDropship solutions, the customers can count on a free lifelong support.

AliDropship Review: Who is AliDropship For?

The AliDropship Plugin is intended for whoever desires to create his or her own online dropshipping store that uses AliExpress to supply products. The plugin is also perfect for people who would like to skip payment of monthly service fees for maintaining an online store.

In fact, it’s a really convenient way to monetise your hobby and to make money from an activity (or niche) that you genuinely love!

The drop-shipping business can sometimes be very misleading and very difficult setup and run actually. We recommend this plugin because we have tested and built stores (under customer request) with the plugin, and its very streamlined and works great.