The Monetization Concept for your “solo online business”

solo online business Monetization Concept


Various compelling solo online business’s have a “dazzling issue” well, sometime’s. It starts when he or she asks…

“Am I content with what sum my online business is raking in?”

In the event that for reasons unknown you’re anything like me, the answer is a resonating NO, and I encourage you to keep examining. I have found a response for you.

In the first place, why the damnation are productive solopreneurs disillusioned? Numerous people initially start an  online business since they love working solo. Or maybe they simply get more accomplished when they are alone. As your development grows, be that as it may, you stand up and have to face that constant wonder of “solo accomplishment.”

It’s a “beguiling issue” since it just strikes the solo online business after some level of advance. Regardless, your decision is life-definingly basic…

Do you settle for a lower wage through uninvolved adjustment models like Google’s AdSense and Amazon’s branch program. The favorable position, and it’s a noteworthy one for a few, is that the single or solo life is a less troublesome life.

On the other hand…

online business

Do you impact your time and pay by contracting others (counting some multifaceted nature and risk)? If you acknowledge (or if nothing else wouldn’t worry) the likelihood of bossing employees around  and supporting customers, there is fundamentally more noticeable pay potential in offering your own product(s).

Envision a situation in which there were a third way – a way to give your bottom line earnings a boost with no complex risk.

That is Trafeze, they are the only network monetization company for a solo online business  .

Acquire more earnings and try to Stay Solo (But Not “Totally Alone”). Besides, it’s free.

Extraordinary product that is totally FREE!  What’s not to love?

Go to Trafeze to start! Of course, if you require more information, here it is…

Trafeze will connect 1) solopreneurs who have manufactured a high-action claim to fame website stacked with high-regard content with 2) distinctive solopreneurs who have mind blowing content and amazing products that they simply want or need to sell more of. In case your niche happens to match another’s, you will have the opportunity to substantially grow your crazy incomes. There is absolutely no middle man. Big fat zero.


Product and content Sellers can offer more by reaching the matching audiences of various Traffic Sellers through a wide grouping of possible progressions and promotions. There’s significantly more to the publicizing scene than paid advancements…

Online long range informal communication “social media if you didn’t understand that meaning”, specialized format ads, for instance, Hello Bars, sponsorships, email marketing, guest blogging. Et cetera. Trafeze gets you to the “course of action” and drives very fast income compared to others.

There’s no cost. No catch. Make a free posting for your business that says who you are  personality and whom you would like to reach. If you pass the action computation “sorry, traffic algorithm–i do get geeky sometimes”, you will become a shining star with Trafeze’s awesome group of solo online business owners.

Your site needs really needs to have high traffic of course. Trafeze’s traffic algorithm will definitely be analyzing your site for this. If you miss on the first round it’s alright, the good news is that a negative evaluation is not going to be permanent. Trafeze rescans all records as often as possible.

This concept is totally ground-breaking…

ground breaking

If you combine “free” with the speedy identification of your niche appropriate groups and partners, with the ability to change a constrained time program. Result?

Trafeze has the ability to virtually unlock the countless under monetized traffic, while at the same time enabling vendors to collect more grounded, more extraordinary, and higher ROI campaigns. It engages…

  • passive monetizers to take back control of their business.
  • active monetizers (those with their own product or service) to find numerous new high-traffic opportunities (everything imaginable, from ads to joint venture deals).
  • solo online business owners abilities to attract more customers and attain sales

It’s much like Uber except under-monetized automobiles become websites and unhappy passengers who want a better ride at a better price are traffic buyers. Trafeze is “The Uber of Monetization.”

Remember, Trafeze is free (there are zero upfront fees, no commissions, no charge of any kind)!

No convincing motivation to wager… So stick with your current monetizing methods and simply blend Trafeze in with it for a while. When you start to comprehend what happens, you’ll definitely phase “the old” out.

No downside, immense measures of upside…


OOPS! There is no downside

Join today!

NOTE: Traffic Sellers (high-traffic websites) can complete a full listing right now. Traffic Buyers can register intent, something I highly suggest doing, too. You will be among the first beta testers to complete the first deals and benefit!

Your free listing provides your website’s address and information. You can also provide your social network profiles, which establishes two more points…

1) It creates a more complete picture of your online presence.
2) It informs potential “Traffic Buyers” that you are a force in Social Media site x, y or z (whichever URLs you enter).

IMPORTANT: Of course, Trafeze runs each channel through a “social algorithm.” Each social listing must pass its specific test to be listed.

TIP: Enter all of your social channels, even the ones that you doubt would pass. If one or more of your social media do not pass, there is no penalty, no notice to the world that you failed your Vine application! 😉 I always take nothing-to-lose options.

Finally, simply check the kind of promotions you might be interested in. Such as:

  • Ad Placement
  • Site Sponsorship
  • Hello Bar
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Joint Venture
  • Partnership

You are under NO obligation to accept a deal, of course. If it sounds like it will work for you, then you strike a deal! If not, you pass and move on. It’s that simple.

You can also accept as many deals as you like, within sound business sense, of course. Don’t turn your site into a flashing cash register! A social media campaign for one Traffic Buyer, site sponsorship for 2 others and a joint venture email marketing for a 4th starts adding up to some serious income. But chose wisely (follow the help).

You are, naturally, expected to act honorably and efficiently. You’re playing in a rather select playground now.

So there is going to be a rating system – stars and reviews. Trafeze focuses on not just being the ONLY system of its kind, but the best (no matter how many competitors chase them later on).

Here’s my bottom line…

I’ve created a listing for my business, and I think you should too. Just go to to sign up. See you there!

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