5 Guaranteed SEO Tips To Improve Your Website

guaranteed seo tips

5 Guaranteed SEO Tips To Improve Your Website

Are you struggling with SEO for your website? This article can give you some guidance. Here are 5 guaranteed SEO tips to improve your website.

So you set up your website. You’ve created Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites for your business. You even bought Facebook ads. But still, no one is coming.

Ok, maybe two people. But, cmon where’s the hundreds of thousands of users?!

Rest assured. This is possible. And no, you were not reading a bunch of hocus pocus.

You can get your site (and business) back on track with these 5 Guaranteed SEO tips that will improve your website.

1. Make your website spider-friendly

website spider

Google (and search engines in general) have bots that roam websites and pages, ranking and indexing them. In particular, Google’s is referred to as the spider.

Essentially, the better you are at following Google’s rules, the better chance you have of increasing your ranking.

How do you do that?

Don’t have any orphan pages

orphan pages

An orphan page is what it sounds like: a page that isn’t linked to other pages.

(Some also call this a dead end page.)

If the spider finds any dead end (or orphan) pages on your site, your ranking will hurt.

So, to bypass this, ensure all pages on your website have internal links. (And while you’re at it, why not add some external links?)

When you do incorporate internal links, make sure you don’t keep using the same link more than once per page.

This is basically “link stuffing.” And, like keyword stuffing, it is not good guaranteed SEO.

After you’re done adding internal (and external) links, make sure each page is only six degrees apart from the other pages.

Think of it as the SEO version of the six degrees of separation concept.

Check for navigability


This is similar to internal and external links. But this is more about the larger picture.

In a nutshell, your website will rank better if viewers (and the spider) can move around it easily.

This means your menu bar should clearly express what pages viewers are going to. You should also include a contact and an about page.

Studies show that not having these pages will affect readership and increase bounce rates.

Now that we mentioned bounce rates, what are they?

Bounce rates occur when a viewer clicks on your website but immediately clicks off of it. Or, in other words, “bounces back.”

The more times viewers do it, the higher your bounce rate. And the more your website suffers.

So, in order to keep people engaged, make your website user-friendly…and entertaining(!).

How can you do that?

  • Incorporate bright colors into your layout.
  • Include content that will actually add value to viewers’ lives (i.e. content that answers a question, provides interesting facts, even a blog post that is entertaining).
  • Give freebies (i.e. organization plans, list of useful websites,…).
  • Answer comments in a timely manner on the comment sections. (This shows that you care. And if you don’t have the time, create a personable automated message response.)

2. It’s all about the keyword search

keyword search

In order to have guaranteed SEO, conduct a keyword search. And not just once. This needs to be added to your monthly SEO maintenance.

So, how do you do a keyword search?

List 7 or so topics that relate to your business.

For example, if your business provides marketing services, list “SEO,” “Content Marketing,” and so forth.

After doing that, list about 10 words for each category.

Then, use an SEO keyword research service. You’ll typically find how popular the word is per month. And the level of difficulty.

Once doing that research, you can cross off unpopular words and add more popular ones.

Next, pick the three lists that have the most popular and least difficult words. Those words will be the keywords you’ll rank for. And the ones you’ll keep track of.

From there, you can create content that incorporates these words. And insert them into your website.

Make sure each month you go back and check the list to see if the popularity of the words has changed.

While you’re at it, you can also add more keywords. Or if one isn’t working out, you can drop it.

Note that it does take time for the spider to rank your pages and site. So, be patient. Guaranteed SEO is the Tour de France, not a quick bike ride at the park.

3. Consistent content


We touched on this earlier. But let’s go more into detail.

Think about it. You only have so many pages on your website before it starts to become confusing—to yourself and your viewers.

To minimize this, have a blog!

It’s not just a great way to insert those keywords, but convey your credibility as an expert.

So, you’ll want to make a point to write consistent content—perhaps one blog post per week. Once you’re comfortable with blogging, why not crank it up to twice a week?

No matter what though, you’ll want to make sure you post consistently.

Doing this won’t keep your viewers guessing. And also conveys your dependability.


We used all caps and a bold font because doing this will affect your website. (And not in a good way.)

The spider and other search engine bots will see this (since Google and other search engines have changed their algorithm). And you’ll pay for this, costing you rank and possibly reputability.

So, play it safe. And provide insightful, organic content.

4. Get the word out

get the word out

Some do all of the above, and there’s still no results. You know why? One word: advertisement.

No one knows about your blog posts, let alone your website.

To get the word out about your product or service, use social media. While you’re at it, do an email campaign as well.


Because email campaigns are the most inexpensive inbound marketing tool with the highest return on investment (ROI).

Doing this will get more viewers to your website. And if you have a navigable website, they’ll stay there.

Which means more leads and more sales for you.

5. Google Analytics

google analytics

Install Google Analytics or an equivalent. This will help you keep track of what’s working and what isn’t. Enough said.

Want more guaranteed SEO tips info?

To know more about guaranteed SEO, check out our blog. And, if you’re just getting started and don’t have a site, we’ve got you covered.

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